Code of Ethical Conduct

Working together is a key factor of success. Together, we can go further than each on their own. We strongly encourage You to always attempt to collaborate and work in teams, freely sharing your ideas and questions with others, resulting in your own benefit. To do so, it is important to accept and follow some basic rules of conduct that allow for the development of educational activity in an environment of mutual trust.

In that sense, we remind You that by registering for this course:

  • You will perform all activities related to the course.
  • You will not present work that has not come from You or been written by You without adequately indicating the sources from which it came.
  • You ensure that all activities are original work, prepared exclusively by You or with the collaboration of your group members registered for the same course.
  • You will not allow anyone else to access the platform with your credentials.
  • You will take the quizzes, exams, and tests individually, without external or unauthorized help.
  • You will not share the quests to quizzes, exams, or tests with anyone else, including your colleagues from the course.
  • You will not publish course materials outside of the course platform.
  • You will not commit any dishonest act, especially if it is aimed at improving your grade.
  • You will demonstrate ethical behavior and put forth your best effort so that others may collaborate in the same way.