MIT xPRO AND GLOBAL ALUMNI: Continuing education programs for professionals around the world

About MIT and MIT xPRO

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, more commonly referred to as MIT, is a private American university founded in 1861. The Institute’s faculty has included 97 Nobel Prize laureates, 58 National Medal of Science winners, 58 Rhodes Scholars, and 45 MacArthur Fellows.

MIT xPRO offers online continuing education courses for professionals at all levels from the fields of science, engineering, and technology. All courses are led and supervised by MIT faculty.

Collaboration with Global Alumni

Our collaboration with Global Alumni has driven the launch of MIT xPRO in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. This EdTech is dedicated to expanding access to the knowledge of the world’s top universities, helping break down both geographical and language barriers. Their focus on innovation, technology, and user experience, along with their extensive understanding of our goals as an institution, ensure that the quality of our teaching is upheld as we expand our offering to professionals around the globe.

This collaboration offers these professionals the opportunity to take advantage of the same quality teaching found on MIT’s campus wherever they are and in their own language.